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Do you like to read powerful stories that have been covered up, denied and hidden for over a century? How about learning of true events spoken by eyewitnesses themselves?

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Ellen Sarkisian Chesnut

Author, Artist, Historian
I believe in the sanctity of family and how important our connections are to those no longer here and those remaining. Their words and recollections are so meaningful and should be treasured and passed down to future generations. Those nuggets of lives lived hold within them the power to inspire, uplift and light the way as we venture forth in our lives.
Ellen Chesnut

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We Armenians Survived!

Battle of Marash 1920

A collection of first hand eye-witness accounts of one of the final battles in the disintegrating OTTOMAN EMPIRE.
Armenian civilians, French Senegelese troops, forces of Mustafa Kemal both Turks and Kurds all playing their roles (some for good and some for ill) living their lives, surviving and dying literally in the embers of a burning city, MARASH.
Compelling, heart wrenching and sometimes comical this book is a must read for readers of history.

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