Excerpt from Chapter 5

The Memoir of Lydia Bagdikian

“The only train today will leave in a few minutes. It will take only the French soldiers,” he had told Papa. However, he had added, “You have been of great help to us in keeping up the morale of your people and I think I can arrange to have your family go on this train to Adana. No other civilians will be allowed.”

Excerpt from Chapter 7

Dicran Berberian's Memoir

“We walked through the length of the main market to the Armenian Gregorian Church at the southern end of the city known as the “Karasoun Mangantz.” The church was burnt to the ground and we saw here and there charred bodies.”

Excerpt from Chapter 14

Testimony of Toros Shamlian

“I remember clearly the day the Battle of Marash started. My eldest half-Brother, Puzant was in Beirut at the American University (prior to 1920s known as Syrian Protestant College), studying tanning chemistry. My mother, Heranoush, was preparing dough for lavash.”

Excerpt from Chapter 16

Testimony of Rebecca Shamlian Yeranian

We couldn’t keep up with the others and began to go over the same trail. My mother realized what was happening and in her panic, she kept saying over and over again, “Ya, Hesus! I saw how scared she was and I became frightened too and began repeating “Ya Hesus” with her.